Hello iDevice 2011!


New waves of electronic gadgets have already rocked consumer niche markets throughout the latter end of 2010. Time goes ahead and we shouldn’t forget that. Right now, there are humming signs of huge upcoming activity concerning the handheld sector of our present day tiny tech age. 2010 slipped out in style leaving many parties for and against various gadgets still highly reactive and excited about it.

2011 will certainly make a grand entrance by the looks of it and exhibit an array of Smartphones, Android and Apple tablets, Macs, upgraded Operating systems, more intensive iPhone vs. android wars and of course, the much anticipated “iPhone comparisons.” For the present, we will confine our self to the Apple house of production. As we’re to be going plainly in assumptions and leaks, we are to see for ourselves which technological ingenuity will steal the stage.


Our first hot topic is of the elusive new iPhone 4 and its debut as a top-notch Smartphone under the wing of carrier Verizon. Rumors are rising to fever-pitch that whether the new iPhone will bear the colors of Verizon as Apple and Verizon prefer to maintain their silence. More reports continue to instate credentials that the newly Verizon 4G enabled iPhone will be released at the dawn of 2011, right on the heels of the company’s retailing Apple iPads at its stores only a few months back.

Sources state that the device would retain the same model as that of the current iPhone 4 only that it will contain a CDMA chip that permits iPhone functionality only with the Verizon network connection. A look on Verizon iPhone’s plans and upgrades as with iPad retails and iPhone release is mentioned in our previous Verizon article.


Tomorrow’s iPhone 5, however, will debut late into the next year. There is a speculation on the fate of AT&T, which was previously the sole carrier to provide an in-contract iPhone 4. AT&T risks being instead fixed onto the BlackBerry Torch and ultimately receiving the worst dose of New Year.


But now, Verizon is also preparing zealously for this new arrival by aiming to thin up the already stocked inventory of Droid Incredible and other Android and HTC Smartphones, it holds. It applied a rule that purchasers of the Droid Incredible will receive any other Verizon for free. This helps considerably thin out a massive inventory. Verizon knows that all its customers were to care about is that they could just chuck their Droids in the closet and look forward to the iPhone.


There is, however, too little in the iPod to be upgraded, but only in its Operating System to iOS 4.2 and definitely a polish to iPod touch applications and App support or maybe a price reduction. Yet, nothing much more defined than that.

The iPad could be looking down the pipe for upgrading. Not differing much from the iPod, it could more or less a speedier 10″ iPod for that reason. Although, being one super tablet of our age, the iPad didn’t strike it gold. Apple intends to uplift the iPad’s vitality by maybe transitioning the iPod 4th generation’s characteristics onto the iPad as is typical of Apple for road-testing features on one device affording the risk and then adapting the successful achievements onto its prized products.


For those, who try to figure out what the upgraded iPad will entail to see for themselves what is already so supportive on the iPod. Yes, the iPad would definitely deliver: a front and/or rear cameras for photography and video shoot (which was pathetic on the iPod). Along with this, the iDevice apps like FaceTime and Skype that makes video calling much better, will also be available.

Sure, the iPad isn’t a phone. The new iPad could also be faster and maybe, a wee bit slimmer. Memory storage may or may not expand in it. What maybe most expected is that if the screen would be better off once Apple has figured out the retina display thing. You can also visit our previous post on iPad evolution along with other rising Android and Apple tablets.


But still, the silliest thing to look forward for is; what will these new ones be named? The iPad could be iPad 2 and what about the iPhone? We can only look out and stop ourselves from jumping up and down.

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