India Gets its iPhone 4

Indian iPhone market

First China, now India what’s next? I think by the time “next” steps in the iPhone 5 will be here which already has rumors about it that it will support bands of various network and will be more available internationally. As iPhone 4 becomes more popular worldwide it abruptly lands (amid cheers) on Bharti Airtel, and Indian carrier on Friday in what may be the world’s second most competitive mobile phone market across 34 cities.

Airtel CEO PD Sharma made a statement saying the iPhone 4 will remain as is utilized internationally and will not be redrafted, modified or tweaked except for carrier support. Its original applications will be shipped along and provided for while the pricing would also be affordable making it an attractive device for a long time to come.

The 16GB model ships for Rs 34,500 whilst the 32GB model is tagged at Rs 40,900; not bad I might say in their currency standards.

Airtel and Aircel are hoarding up on the masses by offering lucrative schemes. These include discounts that after some years with the company would overcome the subsidy iPhone prices. The same strategy was adopted in China and there was a serious case of ‘technological draining’ back then.

Aircel and Airtel provide iPhone 4 to Indian market

As mentioned in one my articles before, about Apple trying to silently regain its position as largest market share holder in the industry after it was beaten by Android, this move is similarly related. It is among many to come and one that we know that has happened recently with when Apple invited international journalists for its WWDC event.

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