iPad 2 – Apple’s Latest Unveiled Technology

Apple launched its new iPad 2 to combat all android-based tablets in the battlefield for this year.  According to iPad news, new iPad features all enhanced modifications and design developments to cope up the current customer needs. It is unbeatably elegant in its looks with exclusively exotic software.

Since the tablet market has become pretty flourished during the last year, iPad updates are expected each year like iPhone.


Distinctive Features of iPad 2:

v  The cameras have been updated

v  Allows HD video and play back support

v  Faster Processor speed

v  Upgraded Version i.e. iOS 4.3

v  Better browsing performance

v  Supports Airplay (Streaming tool for audio, video devices)

v  HDMI adapter

This new beauty created by Apple is in town now with all its elegance. It is available in black & white, and is expected to beat all contestants in every walk. It has all the potential to rule global tablet market with all its attributes.

Competitors of Apple have also been introducing new tablets based on Android and Web operating systems. They also tend to have more memory, more processing speed and versatile cameras.

They might be superior in the first iPad comparison, but the new iPad 2 features all what it takes to win it all! However, the battle of features has yet to be fought and won for 2011!

It should be remembered that the enormous number of iPad applications, games and iPad apps are already available as a great advantage to iPad 2.


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