iPhone 5 June launch Delayed, What to Expect Now

The reason behind the unintentional delay for iPhone 5 is well imaginable. The recent catastrophic tsunami not only hit the main land of Japan, but also affected the iPhone industry massively. Even this delay has become quite very shocking news for techno gurus and users around the world.


The Sony Sendai factory area has been targeted by the violent tsunami waves in the last month and it’s expected like other handy gadgets, new iPhone release will suffer more. Even the company is not able enough to provide the video tape for HD Cams and similar in case of computer productivity.

It seems delay in iPhone apps and fifth gen is quite shocking as it has already spread hue and cry at iPhone phonetics. At least, a huge amount can be contributed to the quake and tsunami affected areas, if the launch meets the June deadline.

On the other end, different circles are spreading rumors related to the final release date of the iPhone 5, which is quite shocking and misleading.

The situation is quite clear, as the Tohuku camera sensor plant has already been destroyed like what all have seen in Sendai. Without essential features, the company will not be able to meet the deadlines. So, it’s quite obvious, as there is no chance of the new iPhone release date in June 2011.


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