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Final Cut pro X on Mac
June 2011 saw a lot of mobile and tech market releases, events and upgrades many of which we were waiting, some were surprises and a fair share of useless releases that flopped. It is not even past mid June and already the E3 Expo and the WWDC has taken place with lots to offer to the market. Apple unveiled its iCloud cloud computing service, a new iTunes volume 10.3, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion, officially unlocked iPhone 4 in stores, and a host of WP7 and Android phones on carriers, and even Android tablets on American Airlines business class flights! But back to the developer’s cult we have Apple Mac users eagerly anticipating one of the best video editing software to be released next week (still June!); Final Cut Pro X. Developed by Final Cut studio the new software will open better opportunities for video editing and production.

Apple’s keynote of this app was first showcased at the Supermeet event that occurred last April during the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas. The Cupertino Company provided a demo of the new features and announced the $299 price tag; at that time, it said Final Cut Pro X would be released sometime in June.

Final Cut Pro X is a follow-up to Final Cut Pro 7, software Apple released in 2009 as part of Final Cut Studio. The new version represents a complete 64-bit rewrite of Final Cut, and blends in functionality of other software programs that were included as part of the Studio suite.

Apple is only offering it as a standalone download through the Mac App Store, where the company also sells Aperture 3, its pro photo editing and library software. The Mac App Store is on its way to replacing the boxed software the company sells, including major system software updates. Apple last week announced that the only way it would offer the upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” would be through the Mac App Store, ending a long history of providing optical discs to customers.

Final Cut Studio logo

Coinciding with the software’s release, some additional third-party Thunderbolt-enabled peripherals featuring Apple and Intel’s joint effort ThunderBolt technology will be announced. Final Cut Pro remains closely associated with the release of the aforementioned I/O technology. Both products share a divulgence in the video multimedia category with demos of the latter displaying multiple, uncompressed HD video streams being transferred through software hence exhibiting the data exchange capability between Thunderbolt-equipped Macs and other devices. Final Cut Pro X can be latched onto the platform providing streaming, editing, managing and handling 4K to 5K size video streams.

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