Microsoft and Nokia Flourish – Together


There is a variety of negative insight about Nokia and Microsoft these days, yet if things shape-up between the two, there will be a lot of benefits to look forward to.

Nokia has a massive and stable supply chain and is the name for compatibility and high sales, whereas, Microsoft makes up what Nokia lacks in attractive OS and heavy developer opportunity.

Let us say that Microsoft and Nokia are stuck to their prevailing prices and we have a very smart and integrated platform for which Apple’s value and Android’s diversity comes into blend, not to mention Nokia’s compatibility. This can bring in the fence sitters, the newcomers in this field and those familiar, but sick of the – previous – platform.

Microsoft has the greater advantage of upgrading already existing and past established tools that need only a tweak to enter the competition. Furthermore, Nokia can breed diversity and the capability of various options within the Windows Phone 7, which is designed from stem-to-stern specifically for the OS itself. Maybe, then an iPhone comparison can be viable.


Providing fields of opportunities through their existing affiliates in regions, such as Nokia’s Europe for Microsoft and Microsoft the same in return can help each individual culture to stand and survive.

A lot can be expected from both firm’s assets combined, such as Microsoft’s .Net network and Office suites to leverage vast empire and patents on the road to success.

Let’s not miss that this partnership will open up a vast frontier for a competitive ecosystem, where developers can bring their products and their benefits are greater than Android Apple Market share combined.


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