Microsoft’s E3 Debuts, No Orapa Yet!

Microsft at E3 Expo

Microsoft had the next big thing in entertainment upcoming for all Kinect users out there. After having retailed off more than 10 million Kinect units since its launch at preceding year’s November. This year’s E3 controller free gaming was the main aspect of the whole event. It displayed kid friendly games such as sports, party and other casual games that defined the Kinect launch line-up. Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3 and Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier were the main video game fodder for the heavy gamers out there. Ghost Recon showed off the new gun building feature controlled via gestures and Electronic Art’s Mass Effect 3was the latest version released in the series and featured voice-controlled dialogue for the protagonist christened Shepard. Fable’s latest installment also had a new gesture-controlled magic weapon choice and a Kinect controller pulled horse and cart.

Xbox Kinect

What was even better than the games was the statement that Microsoft made about Kinect converting the Xbox 360 into a controller and remote-free entertainment hub that includes TV shows, music libraries, gaming community platform and also being integrated with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Users would have been able to search for TV channels, games, music and stream TV shows via voice commands and utilize the Xbox 360 as a singular system for complete entertainment. This feature was codenamed Orapa and Microsoft had led us to believe that it would unveil the baby at the E3 this year. But it is rumored to be that project Orapa would see markets in mid-September.

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