Milestone vs iPhone; a Quick Comparison

Milestone vs. iPhone

First of all we ought to be straightforward; both phones are ahead in their different leagues. And rivalry is tough. Some might say that one is better but in my opinion both are equally competent phones but of different essence. It all depends where you find your perfect device. But for the sake of a good joust, we are going to have a Milestone vs. iPhone comparison.

The iPhone 4 is Apple’s flagship device and runs the latest iOS 4.3.2 whilst the Milestone – also known as Droid and nowadays replaced by the upgraded Droid X – is still on Android 2.2 Froyo.

The Milestone is moreover heavier in weight and dimensions are thicker. The screen diaply for Milestone is a mediocre 480 x 854 pixels in capacitive TFT whereas the iPhone has a crisp Retina LED display with 640 x 960 pixels.

The Milestone’s storage is small but can be extended through MicroSD cad and that has its bonuses of easier sync and heavy files transfer. Of course a better camera is characteristic of Motorola but the camera app is niftier on the iPhone 4.

The browser in my opinion is where I have to hand it to Android where with Flash, better multimedia support and a wider range of compatible browsing features makes wins the Safari beat. The iPhone’s processor is heavier and faster on the Droid’s.

Previously Android would have lost face to Apple in iPhone comparisons where the app store is concerned, but Android market nowadays is growing faster than Apple and has more free apps on it than iTunes does.

Milestone vs. iPhone screen

So there you have it, the iPhone stands out but the Droid is still good on a number of traditional features and good smartphone experience.

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