Nokia’s Woes: Nokia X7 Won’t Go AT&T!


Nokia has laid an end to its plans of releasing its latest Smartphone venture; the Nokia X7, onto AT&T’s network. A source close to Nokia that wishes to remain out of the limelight, as the announcement is not yet public, has confirmed the report. The simple fact and reason that so happened is due to the fact that a beginner like Nokia would have to contend with top bosses in the Smartphone trade like Apple, Blackberry and Android in order to get a pie crust out of the predominantly Android Apple market share in the U.S. sector.

Some blame AT&T for refusing promotional support and subsidies to Nokia; giving it up for a failed investment as the cause behind the fail story.

Yet, some more trusted sources believe that Nokia itself pulled out the X7 Smartphone launch at AT&T for the above purposes.


As is known, Nokia was – and mind you; “was” – the leader in the wireless cellular industry until niche market trends came by that were arrogantly ignored. The lucrative U.S. market won out by the known competitors is exceedingly changing and much focused on evolving trends that have left Nokia at the bottom of the food chain. The Finnish Firm, however, remains a massive global phone maker with niche market empires throughout Asia and Europe. With more international, iPhone OS updates, Android Standards and American iPhone 4s flooding China, Nokia may risk even losing its grip on those regions as well, unless it pulls off a massive switch on platform, UI and OS factors.

The AT&T side of story after it lost the deal over the Verizon iPhone, has it making new friends of the likes of Samsung, HTC and Motorola, all of which have their state-of-the-art powerful devices for AT&T. Moreover, as the logic goes along, AT&T wouldn’t risk (care) to take a chance on Nokia turning out to be successful, when it has Android as the mascot.


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