Orapa at Microsoft’s Expo E3

Project Orapa is to debut at the Expo E3 on June 7 as we expect and it brings IPTV services into Kinect.

Expo E3

While the rest of us are doodling about waiting for the WWDC there is another event up soon on June 7. Microsoft’s E3 Expo to be a similar which kicks off on June 7. Although Microsoft is as secretive as Apple with its releases, there have been leaks and announcements stating that something exciting is expected to pop up.

Microsoft might be keeping the jack in the box until it E3 when it would be unveiling the beta version of its Kinect Development SDK. I can be hopeful enough to say that I am looking forward to several Kinect games and the Avatar Kinect service.  Two things however give me the suspicion of something sweeter to come up in the game conference. A competitor for Google TV and a statement from the Vice President of Microsoft’s Corporate Communications gives me the hunch that an IPTV solution on Xbox that allows users to toggle live TV channels without any cable service.

Xbox 360

The announcements match the specifications of the service codenamed Project Orapa match a lot.

The above mentioned VP went on in his blog post making it clear that Microsoft has invested in partnerships with ESPN, Netflix and Hulu for the streaming service. Moreover through the Xbox LIVE gamers can remain connected with relations and friends all over the world and thus defining the entertainment brand. I think that makes Microsoft not only a leader in entertainment industry but also re-emerging in the smartphone sector. WP7 phones are now debuting on carriers making up for lack of specification with cheap prices. Furthermore the all new WP7 mango is debuting on smartphones and it’s a very healthy upgrade to the previously mediocre UI.

Xbox LIVE kinect control

If Orapa would land on the Xbox it would unite a household’s TV, social-networking, music, streaming and Kinect programs all in one platform. Imagine having voice and gesture control through Kinect for all these features. I would even say it beats Google’s Android@home system!

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