Out of Stock: iPhone 4 Sales Surpass Supply


Apple has recently opened business in China’s market for its new iPhone 4 series, many months after its new iPhone release. Unicom, Apple’s exclusive carrier partner in China has broadcasted that the current iPhone 4 stock has been exhausted entirely! In a total tally, 240,000 devices have sold out by the end of the second day; 40,000 being purchased from retail stores and the rest out of Unicom with bundled plans.


Unicom had made headlines in the latest iPhone news, when prior to this mighty tumult of sales, it broadcasted that its available stock was flying off the shelves. This was a major plus point for Unicom, which is contending against two other top carriers; China Mobile Ltd. and China Telecom Corp.

Apple is also showing their interest, and has inaugurated two more stores over the weekend, doubling the total in the Asian country. The plan is to add 25 more stores until 2011.

This occurrence of iPhones going out like hot cakes all over the country will cause the time between the official release of upcoming Apple gadgets and their introduction in to China be shortened. More hype surrounds this newfound gold mine for Apple with respect to iPhone vs. Android competition in the open market. For the time being, it seems that neither the cheap open sourcing factor nor greater advertising campaigns, for Android, will get it to skip on to those rungs that are higher than Apple’s.


In addition to this, the roar of the inbound Verizon iPhone 5 is getting louder and with the exclusive features Verizon brings along it will definitely stump the competition. Read our blog post on Verizon iPhone 5 and iPad News to know what Verizon features for iPhone 2011.

Even China, which is infamous for its huge copywriting issues, name stealing, modifying and disregard-to-global-services market, has caught Apple fever. iPhone clones and replicas litter the world and strangely are on even footing with other genuine companies and their individual products in advertising, iDevice apps supporting and selling. China’s expanding grey-market promoting iPhone 4 replicas is living proof that the iPhone is in outrageously high demand.


Unicom is yet to provide details as to when the upcoming supply of the iPhone 4 will land in China, but Apple has assured that they are doing their utmost to get these handsets available in the Chinese markets as soon as possible. Apple has also chosen not to mention the grey-market sales or their new marketing strategy. But according to a survey report, it sure as hell is doing a good job!

This is good news for Apple in all categories. Firstly genuine Apple products and iPhone applications can now be available in China instead of the mediocre copies. Secondly, China’s popularity as a massive iPhone’s Smartphone vendor has propelled it to occupy fifth place on the list for any Asian country. Finally, the never-ending competition between the arch rivals of the Smartphone industry Android and Apple may feature a rising victor in the conclusion of this exciting year. Apple has certainly had the last say for 2010!


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