Revolutionary Google Instant Search Now on Android and Apple Platforms!


Google launches its text input search predictive technology on its handheld platform Android 2.2, and on Apple’s iOS 4 operating systems from the 4th of November. This technology is termed as Google Instant and it is now applicable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all other Android based devices.  Google confirms that it will still include more language and country support as well as expand Google Instant Mobile device compatibility in near future.


This was Google’s new born only 2 months back (In September), when it was rolled out for Desktop platforms to minimize time wastage on searches for margins up to 2 to 5 seconds a search. Analysts believe this innovation was introduced to bolster Google’s already extensive Search Revenues.

But the firm’s Senior Vice President does not confirm the latter by stating, “From a resource standpoint, it’s actually quite expensive.” A company spokesperson deemed not to mention what exactly it costs to run and maintain this search engine booster in its extravagant style.


Google instant functions by displaying searches to a predicted text related to your input keywords. If you punch in a phrase or two, the search engine will list those searches that are the first predicted and closely related to what the keywords without changing the page. You can further select your search from a drop-down list or continue typing the complete search phrase to receive results as you type on whatever keyword has been completed.


Although, this search engine assistant didn’t produce significant change for desktop interfaces, but it certainly is a major asset in a Smartphone. Android Smartphone owners of iPhone 4, HTC Incredible, Droid, EVO and such can now avail this aspect by visiting from their phone browsers and tap onto the “turn on” option for Instant Beta. The searching procedure remains the same as with the desktop version. Users can easily toggle Instant on their mobile device by tapping “Turn off” and “Turn on” links.

Google Instant functions on 3G and WLAN networks, but as the reception of wireless connection fluctuates; the switching option is so conveniently included.

The major advantage for this provision is to conduct keystroke and touch screen searches without even navigating away from the page. To accomplish this, Google had to implement new AJAX and HTML5 process for mobile, so that it dynamically refreshes the page with new prferences for each query; as stated by Google software engineer, Steve Kanefsky in his corporate blog.


With Google Instant on mobile, Google expands the once limited capabilities of handheld browsers and wireless services. You will definitely observe major improvement in speedy results when you conduct Google searches.

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