RIM PlayBook – What it Has in Store

Why does the Apple iPad always remain the pivot about which tablet pricing always revolves about? Every other discussion has Apple ranting individuals stating that a tablet should never go further than $500. Really shouldn’t it! I guess, if it scales the iPad comparison by many a length and being modest enough to get its money’s worth, which is only a bit more than the iPad’s half-a-grant mark; then it should!

Whatever it may be, Blackberry’s PlayBook is another crusader of the tablet cause and the first of its kind from RIM. Call it a technical day and let’s explore it. Will the PlayBook be a tablet of standards – or not? Follow on and see.



The PlayBook’s features are still foggy, but some versions are to be 4G LTE supportive – one of the very first as well – and it will have a 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixel widescreen, a 3MP frontal and 5MP rear shooter. Other hardware features are 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex processor, 1GB of RAM, microUSB, and microHDMI output slots.


As before, pricing changes with quality and number, yet, the PlayBook is to latch onto the same 500 bucks price tag as the iPad – give or take at the maximum a 50 more. This is a serious threat to the iPad with PlayBook on par as an option for consumers, apart from the iPad.

The software composes of RIM’s first-ever QNX multitasking OS named,BlackBerry Tablet OS,’ Flash, HTML 5, Java, native SDK and 1080p video-playback support. The icing would be the open platform allowing Android apps, development and gaming.


What next?

Looking back, we still ask the question. “Will that do?” Perhaps, the PlayBook has very much of a working chance. A dash of popularity plus consumer market share and it may be potent enough to topple iPad 2. What’s your say?

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