Rumors – Is it iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

iPhone 5

It has been a while since Apple shipped out its groundbreaking Smartphone the iPhone 4 and it brought the houose down! Following a series of iOS 4.0 releases and finally optimizing iOS 4.3 for all iDevices Apple is to take the next step after the iPad 2; the fifth-generation iPhone! But the iPhone as it graduates from 4th gen and enters 5th faces a dilemma of landed as simply an upgrade to become iPhone 4S or step it up to iPhone 5.

As rumor has it is Apple is packing up punch for a major upgrade to the iPhone 4 instead of the whipping out an entirely redesigned gadget.

News posts also put forth the news that the new iPhone would be very similar in shape and look with its predecessor.

iPhone 5 inside

Of course we all kind of feel it that the new iPhone will be equipped with the stronger A5 processor and the now common 8 megapixel Smartphone camera but 4G LTE network support is still being questioned. Moreover the majority of the populace also imagines the upcoming iPhone will be stocked by various carriers and have increased international availability.

Apple forwarded the iPhone design blueprints to developers and wait for the result. One developer hence named it the iPhone 4S but again this could be a precautionary measure by Apple taken to ensure that the true design information does not leak out.

iOS 5

Looking at it logically it would definitely be an iPhone 5 that is to debut onwards with the all new iOS 5 which will be showcased next month.

It might be a minor case of confusion to hardware update but not with the consumer market as the iPhone 4S will simply be an update to the previous version of the handheld. So that would actually be taken grudgingly!

iPhone 5

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