Samsung Tries another Entrance to Tablet Market


Samsung gives its tablet venture another shot with its second generation Galaxy tab(s) now with some readjustments. The company’s approach this time is more competitive not that the older Galaxy Tab was not a good piece of hardware. In fact, the Galaxy Pad 7” was way back the only Android tablet to make a concern mark on the iPad enterprise.

The new Galaxy Tab is now running Android Honeycomb 3.0, is bigger at 10 inches, with the software having increased its developer platform, fixed OS bugs, and is to be out in early summer.

It does not term that Samsung will abandon its 7” first timer, but will keep it along with two new ones. Despite having a price higher than all iPad models and lacking a Wi-Fi version, the Samsung tab 1st gen still managed to sell-off just above 2 million items. At the CTIA featured one 8.9-inch model and the 10.1-inch model with both tagged at prices lower than the iPad. The 8.9” model is for the consumer niche market with a 16GB Wi-Fi model priced at $469. An enterprise driven tablet is the 10.1 inch version, which is tagged for $499 in Wi-Fi 16GB.


It is remarkable that with prices like these, Samsung may turn the tide away from the iPad front. Another fact remains that Samsung remains to be the only firm that holds capabilities so as to answer against Apple for the tablet venture.

The other focus in this iPad comparison is that Samsung also has something for the enterprise unlike iPad. Bon Voyage to the tablets!

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