Samsung vs. Apple over next gen iPhone and iPad

Samsung against Apple Lawsuit

Samsung hits back at Apple when the latter made a statement against the Korean giant for copying the iPhone and iPad into its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.

Samsung requested a U.S. District Court to order Apple into providing Samsung with a final and commercial model of iPhone 5. A similar request was made for the iPad 3. If the order is to be passed then Apple has until 17th of June to follow it to the letter.

Back in mid-April Apple claimed in its lawsuit that Samsung had infringed 10 Apple patents in its production of Galaxy gadgets even media players from the Apple iPod Touch.

Galaxy Media player 5.0 vs. iPod Touch 4G

Apple has a law of being very cautious about its about-to-be-released products and refuses to do so

This however might have an impact on the date of release for the next gen products breaking a ritual consistent since the first iPhone release where iPhones are released in June or July. The current date might be as late as September.

Samsung acknowledged that the Apple products are not yet available, but argued that the future iPhone and iPad would be what its smartphones and tablets would compete against and be compared to in the future. The judge agreed to a reciprocal disclosure of the products from Apple.

The final statement made that an outside entity would be examining devices from both parties and Samsung agreed to that.

Verdict of Sasmung vs. Apple case

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