Sony – The New Tablet Tattle


Sony CEO, Howard Stringer has recently stated that Sony is staking more on Android, and a new tablet based on the same Google platform along with new Qriocity media service that would hit the market very soon.

The new Sony tablet running Android Honeycomb with a 9.4-inch display would be out this year. It would furthermore be PlayStation certified and new Qriocity music. Moreover, the music service would be a part of the package.

Thus, a newer taste with a little resemblance with Xperia Play would be introduced in the form of this tablet. Play Station certification would make it more competitive with iPad 2, which already enjoys compatibility with millions of iPad applications, games and iPad apps available on the Apple platform.

The unlimited music and movie feature would more exactly enhance the competition as much as it exists between Sony Viao and Mac.  The tablet market though, seem to follow a very different pattern, but the introduction of new iPad 2 and many upcoming android 3.0 tablets can set new trends.

Many iPad reviews are in the air, which carry a newer version of iOs 4, as various iPad comparisons are on the go, but the customer has yet to pass it for its premium price.

This tablet is expected to be launched in US by the end of this summer.  Confirmation of this plan clearly indicates that the tablet war has begun. Samsung galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom are already among the major competitors for iPad; a recent update of which has recently been released!

Numerous such buzzes and tattles are around. However, customers are keeping their fingers crossed to hear the successful launch and the price difference for Sony’s new tab, for final evaluation.

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