Spaced out; iPhone 4 to Accompany Final Shuttle Mission

Final Space Shuttle Mission with iPhone 4History is yet to be achieved and that also with iPhone 4 signed below. Another will be milestone transgressed by the iPhone 4 when two iPhone 4 models will be packed aboard on the Final Space mission that launches later this year.

These devices will be running an experimental application called SpaceLab for iOS 4 that was manufactured by Odyssey Space Research. For the iPhones the mission will be so; upon docking at the International Space Station, the Atlantis crew members will utilize these iPhones to conduct four experiments that will put to test the abilities of the iPhones’ cameras, gyroscopes and other sensors in outer space.

The handsets with the space ticket will be shipped to space by NanoRacks, a U.S. government service provider company.

SpaceLab for iOS 4 features

Odyssey CEO, Brian Rishikof stated that the dream to launch an iPhone alongside in space came from the feature called gyroscope available on the iPhone 4 when it debuted in 2010.

The outcome for this voyage is an answer to the question; is the iPhone a good platform for software and simulations f guidance and navigation that can be used in several spacecraft? The gyroscope may have the potential to act as a meter for determining a body’s orientation in outer space as well as position. Who knows, there could be 4G zones around satellites that can be transmitted onwards by 4G stars! Space-age iPhone here we GO!

Rishikof added that the iPhones won’t replace the craft’s default guidance equipment and will only be available for experimental purposes.

SpaceLab for iOS logo

The experiments outlined for SpaceLab on the iPhone are:

  • The Limb Tracker: Astronauts can use this feature to take pictures of the Earth’s curved surface edges (called ‘’limb”) in astronomical terms. The app then calculates the iPhone’s altitude.
  • The sensor calibration tool: This uses the camera images help from various iPhone sensors to calibrate in-built sensors namely gyroscope and accelerometers.
  • Latitude and longitude estimation: The features will again be using photos of the Earth and matching them to computerized wireframes of coastlines. A handheld Satellite?! Maybe.
  • A final test will be run to see whether space radiation affects computerized memory. That will be carried out checking for unexpected changes to Bits in the iPhone RAM.

SpaceLab for iOS will also be available for earthlings. But since we have the aspect of gravity – to our disadvantage – on earth, the effects created will affect the performance of the app’s gyroscope functions. The app is available for download for $1.

NASA set July 8 for Space Shuttle Final Mission codename STS-135 as the launch date.

And just for random talk, the iPhones will be in airplane mode at liftoff.

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