Steve Jobs’ Presentation at WWDC

It was rumored that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would not be presenting at the WWDC 2011 on 6th of June due to health issues. But recently news come out that Steve here would not be breaking the tradition of passing the starting keynote address at WWDC.

Steve Jobs WWDC

At the WWDC, Apple stated that it would be providing a look into the iOS 5, and Mac’s latest and eighth installment of its characteristic Mac OS; OS X Lion and a final product named iCloud. As it is obvious from the name the latter will be Apple’s new cloud computing service and that is a different matter of its own.

But what customers ached to see most was the iPhone 5 which Apple didn’t confirm that it would be featured. But despair not for a new iPhone model will be displayed at the event. But even if the new version of iPhone 5 and the successor of iPad 2 i.e. iPad 3 were finalized Apple would not be able to release them until September due to its tussle with Samsung on patents and trademark infringement. But the good news is that the new iPods will be out before the school season. Look out for a refurbished iPod nano.

Hopefully we can find all our answers to be addressed on coming Monday, June 6, San Francisco.

WWDC 2011

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