TapDJ – Tap to turn your iDevice into a DJ Turntable


If you are a party person there is much more an iDevice can offer you with the latest apps on music mixing; Tap DJ. There are a number of new iPhone updates and apps for DJ and music mixing at iTunes App Store.

Though, a lot of these apps claim to feature robust mixing, but Tap DJ is the latest in town to turn the tables, by turning your iDevice into a virtual turntable.  Partying anywhere is more fun as you can now carry your personal DJ turntable anywhere.

Tap DJ App, is fully compatible with all portable devices, carrying iOS 4 and later versions. It is easy to operate on iPhone, iPod touch and is much more fun on the iPad. It can entangle any song, scratch, mix and match beats to double up joys of enthralling party moments. Thus, you can start a party randomly with your pocket DJ app.

The interface is simply designed to look like a turntable making you actually feel like a DJ; as you see your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen.


  • Eject buttons are there to remove a current song
  • Volume and Pitch controls to adjust the right sound
  • Cross fader is in center
  • Top center shows the total time for song and the time left
  • Loads and mix songs from iTunes



  • 3-band EQ for each turntable can be displayed by tapping a button at the bottom of display
  • Options for call up effects and loops to inject into your mixes for a little added flare are also available
  • Ability to access shared iTunes libraries over Wi-Fi or to import songs from an iTunes library attached to the device over USB
  • The app even allows you to record your mixes, save and share them with friends or with other Tap DJ users.
  • All these features are available at just $1.99

All in all, this app is valuable if you are looking for new iPhone, iPod touch downloads and iPad applications. Specifically speaking, it is a recommendable app for new iPod touch.


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