The New Revamped iOS 5

iOS 5 what to expect

This June will see the debut of the evolved form of iOS 4.3; the iOS 5. Apple has ample time to upgrade its app store in order to match not only iOS 5 but developers will be keen on starting projects for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with their fast A5 processors. We might witness a look into this upgrade at the WWDC in June.

Many additions will be made to the new version of the OS. One is Voice recognition and some others will be cloud based services, roaming compatibility and support of various bands. There are many other overhauls, introductions and tweaks that will be characteristic on the new software.

The sad part of this news is that iPhone 3Gs users won’t be able to use this brand new version of iOS. Upon firing up heavy iPhone apps or games the 3Gs device might crash, hang or will progress very slowly. It is quite unfortunate that only after 2 years since the 3Gs was released it will now cease to function on the latest software out there. Even in some corners of iOS 4 the 3GSs cannot control performance as well as the iPhone 4 does or the also expected iPhone 5.

iPhone 3Gs

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