The Other “Nano” Media Player

Is the iPod Nano, recently out in 6th gen, the only micro media player on the block? Heck no! The latest portable media player was displayed as the new Zen Style M300. An obvious case match of Apple iPod Touch Nano, the Zen M300 is just as compact as they all come, but spaces itself more with a few more features added.

Zen Style M300

The Style M300 like all MPs offers; radio, MP3 support, but scores higher by offering video playback (looks weird on a 1.45” display though) whereas MP3 playback can be supportable for up to 20 hours

Bluetooth speakers

Nearly completely wireless it also has Bluetooth hands-free and speaker support. But sync is not wireless – too bad! But either way kudos to a micro-tech invention!

Style M300 Charging microusb port

The M300 removes the necessitation for a touch display. Knowing that the Nano was unreliable for so small a touch screen, it instead placed buttons all around the edges for all the functionalities.

Zen Style M300 red, yellow, white, black colors

Coming in black, white, red and yellow colors the M300 is price tagged between $40 and $90 and will be here in June. Wait for it!

Its specifications are:

  • Memory: 4GB or 8GB or 16GB with 32 GB expandable with MicroSD card
  • Dispaly: 1.45 inch TFT with 128 by 128 megapixels
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1, Micro USB 2.0 port (for charging as well)
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours (based on 128kpbs, 4mins/song, MP3 file)
  • Supportable Formats: SMV(Video), and (audio )MP3, WMA ,WAV, AAX, JPEG (photo)

With the new Apple iPod touch already facing opposition from the Galaxy 5.0 MP and now the Nano cornered by the Style M300, what will be the outcome of the Media Player race? Comment and tell us!

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