Top Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2011

Expectations are high and we just cannot hold longer to know what is next. Only last year, some of the latest hit devices made the market and yet still, there are more down the pipe. It’s a fast age people and we are keeping up. Do note, however, this list deals only with the tablets, Smartphones and related releases. Here goes, in no specific order!

BlackBerry Playbook


RIM’s still-in-obscurity tablet plans to surface this year and is a supreme venture for the Blackberry enterprise. Even from here, it does sound professional with multitasking, unlimited browsing, multiprocessor performance (1GHZ dual core plus 1GB RAM), and runs on a new Blackberry Tablet OS. Furthermore, it boasts Adobe Flash 10.1, a 7 inch LCD capacitive touch display, with 1024 x 600 pixel res. Screen and multi-touch. It finishes with a 3 frontal and 5 rearward megapixel shooters.

The iPhone 5 and iPad 2.0


The iPhone 5 is to be one of the major guests to Apple brigade for 2011. Work is underway to make it sleeker, with OLED display (hah!), Pico projector, a dual core processor, 64 GB built-in memory storage and stronger graphics technology, while the rest is same as its predecessor. Not to mention that the Verizon iPhone 4 has been finalized and will pop up anytime soon.

Where there’s a smoke, there’s a fire they say, and even supposing the iPad updates to version 2.0 is a rumor, there definitely is something brewing down there to whip out the latest of iOS technology tablets. It is said to be on the market threshold by mid-summer.

Android 3.0 tablets


Android has lately surged forth in the flurry of tablets with some rather high-end stuff, such as the Motorola Xoom, and T-Mobile joint LG G-Slate. Android looks to secure market share and even the odds out with contenders now that it has proved to be a serious contender.

Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T


An Android 2.2 phone of Motorola mobility, it is to be as high-end as they come. And, the best part is that it has been exhibited at the CES and will debut within the first quarter of this year. It is prized to function on the fast HSPA+ network of AT&T.

Judging from above; a last expected factor is the opposition between the leading U.S. carriers, AT&T and Verizon when each supports Android and Apple.

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