WP7 on Carriers – Better This Time!

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft as slipped out of leadership since it was top dog in the late 20th century. Today market leaders like Apple and Google have got the most say in iPhone android market share, devices and software releases. And although Microsoft Windows Phone sales have not registered a healthy rise, the company is still endeavoring towards a more advanced OS, UI and gadgets with hopes of gaining more niche market demand. Some time back this year Microsoft and Nokia joined hands for future projects and HTC 7 Pro was another example of how Microsoft, despite lacking greatest specs, can still bring about a firm platform, desktop internet connectivity, customizability, smart email, widgets and shortcuts which even Apple has failed to achieve.

HTC Arrive (7 Pro)

And talking of Microsoft’s vast developer and third-party support ecosystem the games and apps are numerous and enjoyable. The wide selection of utility and default apps get the job done. Yet the old school giant still cannot kick it in today’s marketplace.


HTC once manufactured Microsoft support hardware now under Google Android still stocks the Microsoft inventory with devices such as HTC Diamond, HTC Arrive and lately HTC HD7S. The latter will land on AT&T on 5th of June for the usual $199.99. Customers can now also get the HD7S which is rumored to be the top of the three WP7 devices on the carrier.

HTC Trophy

As for Verizon the HTC Trophy will ship on May the 26th for $149.99. It is Verizon’s first time with WP7 Smartphone and it is a sweet one!

For the record WP7 DOES lack numerous features such as tethering support, smooth multi-tasking and various top-of-the-grade features, but it still has enough punch in it for a great experience. Think of how will the Nokia-Microsoft hybrids look like with app support such as Ovi maps!

Nokia WP7 phones

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