WP8 ‘Mango’ Can be Optimized for Tablets

Windows Phone 7 mango

Windows has started to talk about its new operating system they christened Windows Phone 8 aka ‘Mango’ and have released promotional videos on the interface. Although there is not much to be deduced from these visuals I can still say that according to the 500+ new features alone the OS will be surprisingly attractive to users. Put that on top of its business and home OS reputation and we get a major fraction of the market turning towards Microsoft.

WP8 mango tablets

Windows 8 will also contain a 25 MB kernel plus its smarter and a smarter newer UI. These factors give Mango the go ahead to become a possible OS on tablets. Already Nokia is equipping their new products with WP7 and subsequently Windows 8, so why not tablets. The tablet concept can further transform the enterprise features known for Windows into a portable suite pack. The above features such as live tiles, development, a compatible new form of multitasking, existing and new apps, and full Windows capability can promise us that WP8 can become the Ford of tablet computing.

WP8 Live Tiles on tablet

Some features that are exclusively Windows are easy settings customizability and shortcuts. There is the always connected desktop with widgets, social networking on-the-go and home screen apps. Keyboard and mouse support for all Windows Phone tablets.

Those who think that the Mango UI; Touch First, is an overhead plaster on top of the old WP7 code should look again. Microsoft has done a better job this time with the software by turning over a new leaf in Windows Phone experience with better networking, support, smarter devices, organized storage and lately shipping out to carriers.

And in comparison to the tablet market titan(s) the iPad 1 & 2 Microsoft may get the upper hand of approval from customers. This stems from the reason that the iPad was not customized for long writing, continuous usage and other business features. It was not designed to take over PCs, but Microsoft aims to be the “SkyNet” of the tablet world by becoming everything that is supposed to be in a computer. And Microsoft might be overdoing it as no one would buy an overly complex tablet.

Lastly one cannot miss that fact that Windows is the largest and richest ecosystem for software, business, gaming, home systems interface and devices.

Techies can wait for the 13-16 September BUILD conference so they can have a good look at the complete unveiling of the WP8 and see if all was right.

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