WWDC 2011 Displays new Mac OS X lion Features

Mac OS X lion

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the WWDC was to release of version 10.7 of Mac OS X titled Lion; and release he did!

A big surprise here is that Lion won’t be an overhaul to its predecessor; Snow Leopard 10.6 like the latter which was an update to its predecessor; Leopard 10.5. Instead Lion comes with a whole armory of 250+ features.

Macbook Air on Mac OS X lion

At the keynote obviously no one had time to address the entire list of features but the major one’s were multi-touch gestures on the notebook trackpads with tap-to-zoom, pinching, and other iPad similar features. There is also Mission Control that combines Expose and Spaces into a single interface for viewing multiple running apps at one time. That form of windows toggling is smarter than any other desktop one.

A feature also highlighted was full-screen apps viewing. All native apps such as Safari, iMovie, iCal can be accessed on full size. This would not be recommended or very helpful feature while web browsing but app developers, movie watchers and other general purpose one-window users will find this immensely helpful.

Macbook Air fullscreen

Lion focuses on combining the concepts of iOS and OS X together bringing two in one functionality. Launchpad is that introduction which further confirmed this with the app and folder interface being the same as that on iOS 4.

Launchpad comes with a save feature that can be toggled on and off. This feature automatically saves open windows, settings and documents upon exiting any application. Time Machine sort of interface is also apparent on this tool with users being able to track changes throughout saved versions, but master copies are the only result on specific locations on the disk to avoid cluttering the drive wit useless backup files.

AirDrop is an app that was unveiled as a digital USB drive to share files in drop box-style with full encryption. Mail was majorly upgraded with a Favorites bar, email preview mode and a new conversation view.

Mac OS X lion desktop screenshot

Lastly Apple is stocking up the Apple Mac App Store with options of in-app purchases and push notifications. Just like everything else rooted from iOS to Mac OS X, these updates don’t surprise us

Lion furthermore is available only for download through that very same app store and nowhere else. The 4GB upgrade comes with a $29.99 price tag.

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