WWDC 2011, Post Conference News and Opinion

WWDC 2011 entranceApple’s WWDC event took place just yesterday and I have to say it is different. First of all the event was unlike the traditional ones before where hardware is usually released but not this year. However this year is not all in vain with iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion being released with much enthusiasm by chief executive Steve Jobs.

Mac OS X Lion debuted with a slew of new features that included Multi-Touch gestures, full screen app support, Mission Control, several enhancements to the interface, several viewing modes and options, a Mac App Store inbuilt natively within the OS and a plethora of 25 other features in the OS.

Mac OS X lion

Moreover iPhone and iPad users can now utilize the new iOS 5. This new OS brings along a host of other updates that have become a requirement for iPhones and iPads in order to match them according to modern market standards. New notification system, better messenger, multitasking, OTA updates and wireless media sync.

iOS 5 features

The final announcement for the event was the launch of the all-new cloud service named iCloud and bought from Swedish technology outfitter Xcerion. The iCloud service is basically a MobileMe, iTunes and cloud locker service all in one with a helpful topography of new options and services. Its major feature is the wireless Wi-Fi/3G sync for personalized items data that can be accessed and retrieved whenever necessary.

Apple iCloud Logo

Users have a lot to say in this matter. It could be noted that the hottest debates found Apple fanbois defending an already old UI, OS and nothing but upgrades that should have been there a long time ago. A majority of the market approves of the fact that there is nothing to “surprise us” any more. And they are not far from the truth with Apple not releasing any hardware for reasons that could also include that it has run out of new ideas for the demanding market. One comment mentioned the UI as “stale”. Hence Apple by playing catch-up with other rivals on the market can “borrow” and reconstruct their features and aerating that iOS 4 into iOS 5.

In my opinion Apple will always remain a premium market of devices whether there are rip-offs or not. Users want features like custom home screens, widgets, DLNA and hardware support, standard USB and HDMI ports, multitasking, turn by turn navigation, removable batteries and memory cards, upgradeable storage, high-end powerful specs, advanced customizability and cloud services that are only new to Apple. But the point is that Apple is too different from the rest to be a competitor, something so blatantly obvious in the iPad 2 and the rest of the tablets out there. It’s more a matter of like than race.

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