Nokia receives 600 million dollars in patent litigation from apple

Apple settles patent litigation with nokia

Nokia may as well gloat over the settlement offered by Apple over the litigation of a lawsuit patent that had Apple signing up the transfer of $608 million in royalties.

Nokia which is now licensing patents from Apple has got what might be a Godsend to its abysmal sales for 2011’s first quarter. Nokia may get 420 million euros upfront for the second quarter. The sum if calculated is equivalent to $608 million which roughly measures up against a 1 percent royalty rate on all the 110 million iPhones retailed in the first quarter of 2011. Other continuing revenue payments to Nokia will sum up to $137.6 million for each quarter as well.

Apple Nokia patents logo

Nokia however will be little affected or raised from this patent payment. Nokia needs a new smartphone strategy and should start over with positive consumer market ideas. This money could go into investment for Nokia WP7 phones following the joint project of Nokia and Microsoft together. Better still what Microsoft may be getting out of the new Mango WP7 could be further leeched into the limp Nokia system.

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