2011: Promising Year for Android


2010 has seen lots of Apple activity and the rising of the Android series with a successful wave into industry with the Apple Android market share securing most of the pies. Android has seen to it that it does not lose face in front of the leading competitor, Apple and its characteristically singular nature.

Android has done well so far and appeals to over 22 % of the niche market, while it is already capturing more. It has steadily advanced in terms of Android app store size and even producing more tablets of the Android stock, even though, several are average subpar grade.

Android was the success story of 2010, mainly due to the variation and helpful outsourcing, which the famed company, ‘Google’ provided on a slew of HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson cell phones. Even, those fanatic Apple fan boys and Android naysayers would be wasting breath denying these devices can scale Android vs. iPhone battle.

For some reasons, 2011 looks slightly indifferent to the Google enterprise and would be a bigger hurdle in the way of Android’s future. Outlined below are some of the reasons why:


For Android’s main enterprise; tablet computing, it is just the beginning. Samsung Galaxy tabs, and the lesser known HP Slate, Notion Ink Adam, Dell mini, Telstra T-Touch pad, are just the tip of the iceberg, until Motorola introduced the Xoom tablet outranking several of the Android tablets in state-of-the-art features. But, Apple is bidding its time and might unveil the second version of an Android ‘killer’ in mid-summer, as the iPad market has dropped down from 90% to 75% since this year’s sunrise.

Finally, Apple looks to beat down the rising tide of top-end Android Smartphones by introducing the Verizon iPhone, as it has so far been successful. Although, Android has managed to surpass Apple beyond defeat in OS, customizability, UI, and software; there is still much more to prove Android Smartphones beyond Apple’s.


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