A New Age – Tablets Continue to Lead


Even if, you disagree as to having the iPad 2 as your tablet, one cannot deny that whenever he thinks tablet computing an image of the iPad 2, almost always conjures up. With lines and consumers increasing daily, the iPad 2 has proven to be the mainstay of a rising sector. There are many out there, who believe the iPad is a trend or fad that surfaced and will be beaten by the universal concept of desktop computing. Yet, tablets are proving them wrong and becoming even more popular and embedded in our modern technological culture.

The original iPad marked sales in number of several millions in iPad news last year, not counting how this statistic will look like by the end of this year, combining the iPad 2 sales as well. It has already been two days and hundreds of thousands of iPad 2 tablets have been sold out with an astonishing 70% being new consumers to the iPad. The design and tablet concept is a factor that will give rise to a new device, which will find its way into the majority of lives of this age.


Such numbers and popularity is historical and why not? Tablet competition is one thing and tablets’ market is another! What you say?

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