Apple iDevice Apps and Accessibility– the Evolution


Apple is one of the several oldest technological companies that are currently dominating on the globe. A timeline dating back to the late 70’s, speaks of the simple ventures that today lead Apple to soar over horizons unbeknownst back then. Apple’s products range from hard drives, processors and printers to iDevices as impressive and complicated as iPads, Macs, iPhones, iPods and recently iTVs to App stores, SDK, iTunes, iOSes, and hundreds of thousands of iDevice Apps. They are the trademarks of a reputable firm greatly admired for their products and services worldwide.

A brief history of Apple’s app store and its early ventures into technological prospects is outlined in the lines that follow.


Apple’s very first product, like a creature from a time past, was the Apple I computer. It was simply a motherboard and an input text machine lacking a proper casing and devoid of any custom monitor. However, these progressed forth to evolve into today’s wondrous Macs on Mac OS X.


Apple’s first ever and little known PDA project that today crowns the Smartphone and tablet market in the forms of a state of the art iPad, four series of iPhone updates achieving technological perfection, and multitudes of unmatched high-tech iPods, most of which are going into their 7th generations except for the Apple iPod Touch.


These devices were initially stand-alone products of height of their time functionality, but later Apple, one of the very first of its kind, introduced the all so reputable and massive App store. Apple iTunes came in liaison with the second generation iPod classic and ran its marathon from a start of some thousand downloads to peak at today’s several billion in addition to iPhone app downloads.


Yet, this notable company has met its falls and downs often. Today, it faces the threats of competing markets and respective company app stores. The Android market is another popular newcomer and so is Nokia, which clicks with its ovi app store. These faces on the field PDA industry herald many tidings to Apple’s integrity and future.


For the time being, Apple seems like losing face again, as it rolls three consecutive iOS 4 upgrades within one year, due to several reasons of jail breaking, technical bugs or maybe, a last unexpected meltdown of the famous Cupertino Company.


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