Before & After – iPad & iPad 2


There is more so, as to speak changed between the lowly iPad and the iPad upgrades into the new one just out a few days back. Here is a list of the metamorphisms that took place.

The normal length and breadth of the iPad 2 remains as it was. The device, however, has tossed off some thickness up to 5mm finalizing it at 8.8mm. Even, some grams have been hoisted from all models’ individual weights. Wi-Fi models have only lost 79g making it 601g and Wi-Fi + 3G narrowed down from 730g to 613g on AT&T, whereas, the Verizon one is weighing 607g.

Well, the all new A5 chip in the dual core 1GHz processor is outstanding indeed. The new iPad supports a double 512MB internal RAM. Unfortunately, storage capacity remains the same i.e. 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.


Connectivity on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hasn’t changed, but the radio has been enhanced. From HSPA tri band and EDGE to the now GSM/EDGE plus UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA, while Verizon iPad with the CDMA has EV-DO Rev.

The price also stays as it is. What else came new (which should have been before) on the prized pad are listed as follows.

  • Gyroscope added
  • A nifty new casing with handy surface and is stuck on by magnets.
  • An HDMI slot cable
  • Rear camera 720p camera
  • Frontal VGA shooter

Lastly, the iPad has with the above a greater chance in an iPad comparison to add a victory on top of the one before with popularity, cheap price and wondrous UI.


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