Consequences of the Tablet Race

Desktop vs. tablet platforms

Modern age tablets have evolved to be more than just a fad but in fact a necessity for our high tech existence. Tablet wars are not the only thing on the virtual and technological world these days but in fact tablets have arisen to become the universal form for computing platforms. As analysts already knew and expected; the Apple iPad and lately iPad 2 along with Android tablets have long since been eating into the PC, notebook, and laptop enterprise and worldwide usage. There are several reasons for this but we might as well stick to the facts in here.

Apple retains its alpha post over the tablet industry, unsurprisingly. But due to the onslaught of the tablet devices orthodox that are being used less frequently because of tablets.

The chart below signifies the market differences;

Market cannibalization of computing device platforms Chart

According to surveys there has been a vast shift in numerous sectors of device usage. Some are vary majorly whist others tend to slightly adjust to a tablet addition. In matter of time tablets may overwhelm customers that they would altogether reduce their purchases of alternative gadgets resulting in a wide marketplace decline of sales. Below are some devices which have seen a fluctuation in their market stability.

Nintendo gaming consoles have registered a 20% drop as the iPad takes place but another 26 percent use the Nintendo more.

Portable media players have dramatically fallen back as the iPod steals the spotlight

E-readers remain tenacious but if iPad gets cheaper they will slip out as well.

Notebooks are being used less by 23 percent users.

Laptops suffered the most as a rising 30 percent have abandoned the laptop for a tablet.

PC desktop platforms will always remain significant, even if in a secondary role, despite tablets rising but 32 percent are using their desktop PCs less.

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