Here Comes the Tablet Rivals Year – Again!


2010 slips out and we pass over the threshold of ensuing year and a new decade. Yet, as much as the year 2010 was deemed the year of tablet, or more precisely, the year of iPad, this year will see the same device in 2011 technology limelight.

Last year had Microsoft, Toshiba and the likes of it in tech-trade, subsequently announcing competing tablets with Apple. But not only was iPad the only tablet that made consumer markets from entire lot, but iPad reviews all over the world saw literally no competitor, until late this year. It was when a worthy Android tablet courtesy of Samsung made its appearance and was dubbed the Samsung Galaxy tab or the G-pad.

Comparisons between these two top-end gadgets are rife across the technology blogosphere. One such G-pad and iPad comparison was posted previously on our blog.


Manufacturers have stated that this year will be the one for them to hatch their individual enterprises, now that they know what customers look for in a tablet computer. This is, however, not a simple task what it sounds to be. Previously, unsuccessful attempts were made to release a cheaper tablet with an average processor. This went blatantly against the thumb rule in Tablet trade; high definition gamin’, media support, and resolution. There are factors that, however, remain as plus points in the quest of iPad rivals.

Firstly, OS differences and upgrades have made Android way more stable than the now-peaked iOS 4, and are now ready to go into its third version with technical bugs and all. Android 2.2 Froyo is already out and running, while Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 3.0 Honeycomb will be exemplary open-sourced platforms. Secondly, Apple’s tablet lacks easy sync, cameras, H.D.M.I, and USB ports. Lastly, diversity and prices would certainly allure mass markets not only across America, but also in Android market territories.


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