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As 2010 expands into 2011, we look back into the roads of history of this year, which was a notable one in the businesses, activities and achievements of Apple. With this decade gone to rest in the directories of history, Apple, however, won’t go into rest and we can hardly wait for iPhone 2011, iPad updates to 2.0, iOS 4.3, and all the various iPhone apps reviews that are promised to roll out en course of the New Year. See our previous article on this topic for more details.

One unavoidable and popular product of Apple in 2010 was the 2nd generation debut of the famed Apple iTV. It is defined as Apple’s digital media receiver, whose function is to run and play digital content out of named virtual portals and trademark systems. It can stream live audio, photos and videos in HD onto the big screen.


This being only the second generation of Apple iTV has yet quite a number of differences between past and present. Let’s have a brief comparison of Apple’s 1st and 2nd Gen iTVs:

Apple’s 1 Gen iTV

  1. It is bigger than 2nd Gen
  2. It contains a hard drive of 40GB to 160GB
  3. Software of first Gen runs in accordance with a support that of Mac OS X or Windows platform

Apple’s 2nd Gen iTV

  1. It is smaller as compared to the 1st Gen
  2. It has a NAND flash
  3. It runs independently on iOS 4Apple-iTV

Apple’s second version of iTV is a far throw from the hit it was back in grade 1st as it not only supports a limited range of digital formats, but is also irritatingly and incompletely compatible with AirPlay and its Remote Control. Syncing somewhat has a name on iTV, which functions in the likes of Apple iPod touch.

The iTV, however, is another milestone in digital media (movie and TV shows) streaming, with playback on the iPad allowed and “hackability” inducing more powerful functionality.


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