HTC’s Brilliance with Android Smartphones

HTC's Andorid Smartphones

Android is up and running full steam onwards and with no apparent signs of stopping. The Android production line is spewing out products at an impressive rate for the niche market. This technological giant continues to grab more from the iPhone Android market share as well as from other competitors to become top dog in Smartphone sector of the U.S. Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and HTC are among the many companies running Android platforms on their products. HTC especially is the foremost firm that took Android places with its products against the once leader; iPhone in its Droid vs. iPhone battles.

HTC Sense on Android products

Android also surpassed international leader Nokia for global dominance through popular consumer grade products of HTC such as HTC Incredible, HTC Widlfire, HTC Desire, and HTC Evo as it suits great many customers with its features and compatibility.

HTC TouchFlo with Windows Mobile OS

HTC’s rise began ever since it was on Microsoft Window’s OS when it realized that company brand is most essential to company growth and success on the long run. Moreover HTC was associated with the attractive TouchFlo interface on Windows Mobile platforms which gave the phone a colorful and original screen look. Even today HTC phones on the otherwise mediocre Win Mobile 7 are retailed such as HTC Diamond, and HTC Arrive. After its move to Google Android the HTC UI was then titled HTC Sense and has ever since been HTC’s trademark to all of its products making it a distinct and premium option for consumers. Take the HTC Flyer tablet for instance which is another exclusivity of HTC setting it apart from the rest of the tablets stylus input technology, smart rectangular design and integrated HTC Sense on Gingerbread 2.3.

HTC Flyer Tablet with stylus

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