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iPad 3

The release of iPad 3 is much anticipated and if there was more win with the iPad 2 then there might be a revolution in tablet computing with the iPad 3 that may ultimately result in the death of desktop computing! Sharp, clear and high quality photos on Twitter’s framework of Apple’s iOS 5 beta have set our “leak” senses tingling all over with the expectation of an Apple iPad 3 with a possible resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The Images were found by an individual who has some background information on the iOS 5 and states that the resolution is of 1536 x 2048p hence Apple will be pursuing a startlingly powerful display for its upcoming premium next-gen iPad. Apple was reported to have showed up at Samsung’s doorstep in the quest of an AMOLED screen despite their dispute. An outcome was not broadcasted though.

Another rumor surfacing from a Taiwanese newspaper stated that Apple is to the iPad 3 in this year’s fourth quarter with an “image resolution 5 to 6 times greater than the iPad 2,” but report’s are not authenticated.

Both the iPad and the iPad 2 sport 1024 x 768 pixel resolutions. 2X the number of pixels means 4 times the resolution and pixel density per square inch. Just like the iPhone 4 before it, the 960×640p screen held 3 times as many pixels per inch on it in comparison to the 480 x 320p iPhone 3G S display.

iPad 3 retina display

The official report of iPad 3 mentioned the new tablet to have a “Retina Display,” but even though by doubling the resolution of the device it would still not come up to the 300 pixels per inch “sweet spot” that was nicknamed so by Steve Jobs during the iPhone 4 release.

According to jobs the limit of the human retina sight is of a pixel density of 300 ppi at 10 to 12-inches away from the eyes. But since iPad’s are held further than 12 inches to our eyes even a 2048 x 1536 resolution screen would have a 264 ppi pixel density double that of its current 132 ppi density.

So far so good, but I hope Apple does not repeat the iPhone battery dilemma with the iPad as well once it will have that super screen.

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