T-Touch pad vs. iPad – Why Telstra is on Quicksand?


Every market has its ups and downs and sometimes even those embarrassing entries to be simply ignored with dignity. Present day markets of greatest intrigue and harbor, all the daily rage are most often technological markets revolving around all the new touch devices of this year. Even as 2010 goes into en foreclosure, iPhone 2011 has already fueled a massive debate on the prospects of iPhone under the umbrella of Verizon in opposition to AT&T’s iPhone.

Today’s controversial and rather informative yet unbiased discussion goes down the lane of Australian carrier, ‘Telstra’ and its newly unveiled gadget to the consumer market. Believe it or not, it’s a tablet computer, and if we were to mention “entry” level devices, then the T-Touch pad is too introductory foe to its own good. A simpleton and a disappointment, if measured along the lines of today’s revolutionary iPad and iPad comparison, grade devices, such as the high-end and appraised Samsung Galaxy Tablet.


Until now in Australia, the iPad had all the market to itself and another competitor in the arena was not easy to either ignore or miss. And today, right on this spot, these two devices will face-off, even if, it is mismatch of the century that will take place.

Starting off with a round-up on the T-touch pad’s slew of features and specifications, we size it up on the floor.


Network: 3G

Dimensions: 209 x 108 x 15.5mm

Weight: 500 grams

Operating System: Android 2.1 and lately Android 2.2 coming soon

Apps: Android apps supportable from Android market

Phone and Messaging options: Voice call, SMS and MMS

Media player features: 3.5mm headset jack and Stereo speakers

Camera: 2 megapixel camera plus video recording

Display: 800 x 480p resolutions on WVGA resistive touch screen

Processor: 768MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon

Battery life: Talk time at maximum 150 minutes, and standby time for a maximum of 140 hours

File Support: Audio and video player supportable of MPEG4 (.mp4, .3gp, .3g2), and MP3 audio formats

Storage capacity: Built-in 512MB memory with micro-SD card slot with up to 16GB supportable

Connectivity: WLAN and Bluetooth enabled

Navigation: Built in GPS

Broadband speeds: Software location and distance as matter but typical speeds are between 500 kbps to 3 mbps

Retail rates: Pre-Paid for $299


Looking at the technical size and weight comparisons, we see that the T-touch pad invites a joust on the size and compatibility factors with the iPad. While the design is anything, but attractive! The 500g pad might look manageable with one hand and it is really in fact worse than to work it with two hands. In this case, the iPad is clear champion against the other Android Tablet


While other Android phones and tablets employ good weapons against the iPad in expandable memory, opens sourcing, compatibility, better iOS, superior multimedia, vaster availability, and camera factors; the touch pad, however, fails miserably on impressing us with the usual arsenal. As much as Android lovers like to see Apple trounced, they wouldn’t like how T-touch pad ditched Androids’s growing reputation. Australia, however, will see declining Android Apple market share with the latter getting most of the pie.

The T-touch pad’s other fails is firstly the not-to-be missed, hardly responsive resistive touch screen that adds to the poor functionality of the gadget. Yet, further performance of the tablet, apart from the virtues of Android’s OS, is simply mediocre without multi-touch support, as it lacks compatibility on many formats of Android apps. More fails fall under disappointing battery life, no video calling, and a weak camera.

T-touch pad

The T-touch pad is not, however, all trailer trash, but can still breathe a sigh of relief, when considering its outrageously low price range, Android open sourcing, Android SDK, and more customizability than the iPad.

The iPad managed to claim this one by quite a margin, although, it might suck due to the fact of Apple’s several trademark weaknesses. Moreover, it will undergo a refurnishing in midsummer with new iPad updates, come 2011 as mentioned in our previous article. Hopefully, the T-touch pad might revive and deliver more punch.


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