Verizon Recalls Defined Amount of iPad 2 Tablets

Verizon iPad 2

Following a hardware issue on an undisclosed number of 3G enabled iPad 2 tablets, Verizon has flushed out– as in its words – a ‘small number’ of iPad 2s that for recall. But still statistics are not available to show how amny have already made it out in the hands of many a consumer around us. Worry not for this is not a plague that harmed every other tablet that Verizon provides, in fact I am starting to believe there really were a limited number of iPads recalled that had wacky hardware.

The iPad 2 is quite an off-age and suitable device that is vastly popular among techies and other users. It not only is changing the concept of computing within various sectors but is also killing off traditional computing platforms and is widely accepted for that.

This issue is said to be because of a bogus-coded receiver. The reason for the blockage of 3G service was that Verizon there were a ‘small number’ of duplicate MEID codes were placed on the respective tablets. MEID, or mobile equipment identifier are an IP address similar code used for accessing a wireless network service.

Verizon iPad 2 MEID issue

Apple is on the problem by now but there are still a fraction of faulty units out there. If you cannot be able to connect or are disconnected quickly every time you browse on 3G then your device a be affected. Again don’t panic, just ring a store near you and the issue will be attended to.

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