Which Way iPad?

Apple’s slick computer tablet; the renowned iPad, is definitely a well thrown pitch from Apple. The iPad beats all present tablets on the touch factor, oleophobic material, price tag, speedy processor, latest technology, high content capacity and ofcourse; gigantic iPad app support. These features give the iPad more than just an arguing point in the now inevitable race of Android and Apple tablets.

iPad Tablet

Apple had first opened up the gates of revolution to Android Tablets by stepping out first with record-breaking sales and demand. And being the first of its kind isn’t bad for style and performance so exquisitely demonstrated by the iPad. Many others will follow suit flocking to the now more very keen and reactive tablet market. Next year, the virtual world might witness iPad upgrades and an immense rise of tablet generation from various companies

Apple, Android, Windows Tablets

So far, iPad downloads are still soaring and iPad news is anything but negative. Apple can do nothing but maintain its well-earned reputation and tablet rating. Top contending Android and Windows tablets are summarized as follows:

HP Slate

HP Slate with Windows 7 OS is a powerful contender boasting higher connectivity and tethering capability, equal price range, bigger screen and multi tasking than the iPad. But, it stumbles behind the latter in battery time and App support.

Dell Mini 5

Dell’s Mini 5 supports SD flash Memory card, multitasking, flash support, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity and android App support. This one of a mere 5 inches is one contender that lies still in the shadows but has awesome potential. But, it is in for a long wait until finalized.

Android MSI Tablet

The MSI Tablet is another cool affair being another Android tablet superior in video playback, while efficiently retaining battery time through NVDIA’s Tegra 2 processor allowing for 1080p playback. This type of processor gets increasingly common as with Tablet.

Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink Adam is a Big Boss contender with equal resolution and wireless connectivity to the iPad and supporting multitasking and flash support unlike the iPad. It even costs less and has a healthier battery time than iPad. But, it doesn’t have tethering or Dock connectivity; only HDMI.

I am not going to mention Google HTC as it is based purely on rumors and even if launched, it won’t be living up to Google’s name until deep into 2011 as Google warned expectant consumers.

Google HTC

Lastly all the above tablets have cameras that boo the iPad!

The sad truth is that the future sees more advanced and integrated tablets already on the horizon doing what iPad couldn’t. The pioneer is only a pioneer of his age and only history in the future, unless Apple does some serious strategy reshuffling. I am of opinion that the iPad ought to be bedecked with the following features in order to survive a standing chance during the inevitable iPad reviews vs. Android tablet reviews competition.

Apple vs Android

Apple should do some serious hardware onto the next iPad installation, such a robust dock and a must have port. It should also include some kind of card-reader to prevent consumers running about with yards of wire for data transfer. A USB slot would also be most welcome for the two different sizes of USB plugs.

Second in line comes multimedia. If the iPad gets to have a better webcam, front-facing or back-facing camera installed; it can more as well fling off everything else and swagger and strut down the tablet turf just like all the rest

Another huge plus point would be the accessibility for third party iPad application development and support that is already a trump card down the sleeves of many other tablets. The iPad can still flash its aces, if it ever got close to acquiring that. With an already existing friendly-neighborhood iPad market, the addition of this utility public demand and rating will soar even higher.

Under system comes a long run disadvantage to the iPad due to its confined ecosystem that if waived off as like other tablets will bring easier handling, but will also go against the very code of Apple’s integrity. Apple should instead exploit this to its advantage. While fragmented and fortified platforms are contrasting, they are both suited to individual enterprises and are equally useful to their respective campaigns.

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