With iPad 3 Apple to Hold the Tablets’ Market Tightly

The Tablets’ market has grown to a greater extent, especially after iPad’s arrival. The market took actual boom with iPad 2 when iPad the rivals got active and started coming up with delicate features and affordable pricing. It started right in the beginning of 2011 when mobile and PC industries stepped forward with combined forces to make sure that Apple doesn’t lock down the tablet market with its iPad, as it done to the MP3 player market with its iPod.


Who else is in Tablets’ Market?


The Market Share:

Here comes the most interesting part of the story whereby all the above mentioned tablets have been ignored badly by consumers. RIMM stands at top with 250,000 Playbooks sold since April 2011.

On the other hand Apple released iPad 2in March 2011 and sold 4.5 million iPads across the first quarter. Note down that this number would have been larger if not constrained by the grand earthquake in Japan.


What’s will be so special in iPad 3?

iPad 3 as it’s already being rumored too much is expected to be next big thing. There’re too many features being expected and here are a top three expectations:

1.      iPad 3 will possibly support a 3-D screen that doesn’t require special glasses.

2.      Apple might develop a high resolution LCD for iPad 3.

3.      IPad 3 is likely to get a custom processor like the Samsung-manufactured A5 CPU in the iPad 2, but it will be twice as fast as the one in iPad 2.

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