iPhone Lands Safely on Verizon


Rumors about the new gadget have finally materialized in the form of Verizon iPhone. This much anticipated news has brought the dreams of many Verizon loyal customers to reality. Also, it brings in a great opportunity for those who were pretty disappointed at AT&T services.

Although, it is not the newfangled iPhone 5 expected for upcoming summers, which is much more waited for this year, yet it is a nice option to consider. Most of the features of Verizon iPhone resemble AT &T version.

So far, the consumer reports have been very positive on the performance of this new techno-combo, as the new competition focused advertising campaign states, ‘Verizon iPhone is working well on all right features, as per consumer needs.’ Therefore, it has become the hottest gadget in town these days.

Moreover, iPhone reviews are being updated with a lot of emphasis on how this iPhone stands in the iPhone vs. android competition. The war between iPhone vs. droid has already been won by iPhone, after it has safely landed on Verizon. Essential features of the current iPhone are:

Features – Differences and Similarities with iPhone 4:

 Design is almost the same
 5 MP camera, Bluetooth, GPS and Google Map access
 Size and weight have a marked difference due to CDMA technology
 No SIM card slot
 Ringer mute button is adjacent to volume controls
 Personal Hotspot feature is a new addition
 Enables 5 internet connections through, WiFi, Bluetooth technology, USB data cable, or a combination of any three.
 iTunes available for iPhone applications and iPhone downloads


 Offering Unlimited data plan at $30 for now
 Pricing is identical with a 16GB for $199 and 32GB for $299
 The internet charges are 2GB at the rate of $20 plus additional $20 for each GB

Facts Summary:

 No extra features added
 Antenna efficiency increased
 Fair pricing strategy, almost equivalent to AT&T
 Better services within same prices
 iPhone 4 covers will not fit Verizon iPhone


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