Android Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4

Before the Smartphone smack down begins I think we might all do with a good reckoning of each opponent’s capabilities. Android once the scourge of Apple is no longer second place but in fact it stands foremost in the market with highest sales, market share and popularity. Hence as more devices under Android’s flag come rolling in the iPhone has to face it and for the best interest of the consumers a winner is always there. Below is a heavily matched comparison of Samsung Captivate vs. iPhone 4


Looks come first and first impressions last. Any phone just upon looking and holding it delivers a message that states its design and compatibility. It’s good to know that the Samsung Captivate has taken on a different design from its counterparts and predecessors and the new physical shape is stunner too. The iPhone 4 feels smooth, glossy and posh, just holding it.

The rear of the Captivate is of brushed metal sporting smooth gripping bands at the upper anad lower edges whilst the iPhone 4 is a complete slab of glass on the back.

The iPhone 4 is all eye candy for sure but it’s not far as good as the Captivate in handling and does not scratch much as the iPhone. Everyday compatibility at hand is Captivate’s game and even the iPhone’s tough Gorilla Glass casing Captivate can scratch a lot when placed naked on bare surfaces. But the latter feels more solid in hand.


Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4 cameras

Both of the phones here have a 5MP camera.  There is not much of a difference between both shooters except for the fact that the Captivate lacks the LED flash adorning the iPhone 4’s rear.


In my opinion this is the most important factor. With smartphones and other gadgets we choose we must pick that device that best matches our needs.  But when it comes to samrtphone smack downs we tend to forget that and become bunch of killjoys rooting for one device. But taking the Captivate into consideration here we can find that its native apps are all for networking, personal data management, and interactive flash supported browsing. That and its various rapidly-catching-up app stores containing more free apps and games make it a better choice for me. But system compatibility is way too good.

Both the iPhone and Android support smooth cloud syncing of all personal data, contacts, calendar events and mail addresses. For other media Android has DoubleTwist. Some more Android apps I found really worthy are in article I published a while ago; here.

The iPhone 4 has iTunes sync and MobileMe for a complete traffic system of internally supported data transfer. Back up is breeze and entire functions are shortcuted into individual systems for cloud, computer, iTunes and iDevice syncing. With Android one slight setback is that one has not got a choice for native apps of his personal choice.

Battery Life

Samsung Captivate batteries

The iPhone is a bit patchy in its power coverage for its premium features and there is a list of ways you could help your iPhone make the 24-hour mark by saving up battery power. But despite being from Android stock the Captivate falls lower than the Samsung in the battery sector.  Maybe you could try some of the tips in that list to use on the Captivate as well. The heavy graphic technology 4” AMOLED display maybe the culprit behind sapping the battery juice, and it comes with little relief to know that the Captivate’s batteries are swappable.


Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4 apps

Alright you are done with all the polishes, UI, camera, browsers, settings, ringtones, data transfer, and would like settle down for a little entertainment time. A joy for all smartphone users, applications are the core of smartphone functionality. Android Market is not miserably low on software but instead it does have a healthy pile of apps.  There is only one word for Android’s app store; Diverse. It does not have the huge amount here is on iTunes but they sure are quality material. Apple’ presents its apps in numbers Android is increasing fast but offers selection. Every app and utility even games come in a variety of choices. Now kicking out junk and useless apps we have less than 100,000 quality stuff online.

Social network, mail, and office integration apps are numerous and all are appealing. User friendly features galore and more control over apps, settings, customization makes more or less it is clear canvas for doing whatever one may on the smartphone. The iPhone on the other hand although with premium apps, game and social network community experience secludes the game, business, and other concepts in their individual little corners and that I don’t like!

Android OS vs Apple iOS

Android OS vs. Apple iOS

Technically speaking the OS is singularly the most significant part of any gadget. There are pros and cons for both the operating systems and they are listed below.

Like I said before the simple difference is that Android is open and iOS is closed. While Apple focuses on providing the customer’s needs even though if limited and in a sense of its own, Android is futuristic and is all about the customer. In fact so much customizability and tweaking is possible on Android that it is becomes overkill. The Captivate runs Android OS 2.1 that can be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo. The Android OS is also open sourced in a way that there is no fixed skin, upgrade or singular face to OS integration. That is to say the OS remains usable until the next upgrade where in order to be upgraded the updates have to be pushed by the manufacturer in this case Samsung and not by Google hence it is a difficult process and Android ceases to support devices left 2 or 3 years behind.

Otherwise Android is a great OS for users and has mighty potential. The Apple iPhone 4 run on iOS 4 and it gets the job done. But Android has great potential and does more for users who are willing to go the extra mile for better functionality, apps, shortcuts, widgets and user-compatibility in trade for sluggish manufacturer support.

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