Android Versus iPhone Market Share

android vs iphoneGoogle Android and Apple Rivals are today’s great superpowers of the Tech universe. Major competitors and arch rivals. The two of them scuffle on smartphones, software, tablets and market share. Whilst there are various aspects to contemplating a leader in the market one aspect stands out; how much do customers use and prefer different platforms. Many might argue that one cannot stack up the whole Android market share vs iPhone as a device alone. But in fact as Android is a software and middleware manufacturer it doesn’t not invalidate the comparison of corporate share with a singular and premium company product. If Apple is compared to the individual OEM companies such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC then beats the lot flat. But Android products on the whole are from an open-sourced ecosystem with concentration and international usage far greater than Apple.

Apple falls and Android rises

Looking at the demographics Canalys has already found Android rising to a strong 44 percent of all U.S. smartphone shipments for the third quarter of 2011 about double to that of Apple’s 26 percent. RIM collapsed to a 24 percent low and Microsoft remained at the bottom at 3 percent. Another analysis firm named NPD spoke of similar conclusions and Nielsen spoke of the clear victory of Android.

According ComScore Android’s market share grew from 21.4 percent marking its nearly 7 point rise whilst Apple hovered at its 24.3 percent. RIM fell by nearly 3 points to 37.3 percent; and Microsoft increased s slight average of 3 points to reach a maxim 10 percent.

The reason behind this rise to greatness by Android in 2011’s iPhone vs Android market wars is because Android is typically open source with SDK, app stores access and international compatibility but is also retailed on four major U.S. carriers. Moreover its features are attractive such as the buy 1 get 1 free package and also having a score of fully featured smartphones at varying prices matching customer needs.

What users have to say is that Android less organized? Yes! But unlike the iPhone, freedom of expression, web surfing, total flash support and personalization speaks “Android”.

Tablet stats for 4 years (future)
Tablets on the other hand stands the same with iPad; the universal face to tablet computing; to the dominant platform of tablet computing. Already tablet computing is eating away usage of all other platforms and Apple is the ringleader for this market.

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