Apple iPhone 4 VS Chinese iPhone 4 (Replica)

Apple iPhone 4China has besmirched the global market with its fake, inferior quality and insipid products, as Chinese Replicas have plagued international consumer markets ever since the dawn of pocket-tech age. Inevitably, when the new Apple iPhone 4 hit the market, it immediately made top ratings as a classy Smartphone descending from a respectable lineage of 4 generations of trendy touch phones. Not wanting to be left back, China saw this elegant newcomer as a cover for a wave of sluggish gadgets made to swindle customers by bold genuine-iPhone-look-a-likes.

Even if the iPhone is your average Smartphone, it still has these kickass features, unlike the gaudy clone. Chinese replicas are now brazenly competing with the original and genuine Apple iPhone. Moreover, these replicas have succeeded in winning the appreciation of many people only seeking cheaper and more mundane features alongside.

For those who keep ranting on whether the Chinese clone is a niftier Smart phone, because for one thing it has – let us say – an extra battery? Hah! Well maybe it saves you some change, but it seriously is not worth it.

iPhone 4 Replica Features

Comparison of Apple’s iPhone 4 with Chinese iPhone 4 (Replica)

Although, this new iPhone 4 replica looks just like the original, but in reality it is nothing like the real iPhone 4. Pointing out a fraction of its multiple defects, will I think do us all some good. Firstly, taking a dig at its appearance, so slyly concealed beneath the characteristic iPhone casing we have:

  • iPhone 4 Replica CasingA Rickety Casing
  • Fragile Material
  • Lack of Durability

Now we have a go at its overall mediocre performance:

  • It has a lethargic processor
  • It carries a hardly responsive touch screen
  • Its graphic quality (for a Smartphone) is really embarrassing
  • It tends to simply expire. Made of sub-par quality material, the motherboard tends to short circuit and the whole phone is now junk, as in my opinion, it was from the start
  • Having the look of a Smartphone, it is just like any ordinary GSM phone from the inside

Apple iPhone 4GIn contrast, the iPhone 4 employs some of the latest milestones achieved in technology through its features and applications. For starters, it boasts a remarkable 960 by 640 resolution with LED-backlit retina display, encompassing its spacious touchscreen. Graphics bloom crisp clear and the highly sensitive touch screen is most comfortable. Apart from being highly user-friendly, the light, 137 gram iPhone 4 (by Apple) has a scratch resistant surface, proximity, motion, and gyro sensor.

It supports a 5 megapixel High Definition video camera with built-in LED flash for a unique and detailed photo-shooting experience. It also opens up a vast store for a variety of games, applications, entries, audio, video and other multimedia in its ample 16 to 32 GB internal memory. Besides, it has a ‘Warranty’ not only for the Cell Phone, but also a 1 year warranty for all its accessories, the iPhone 4 has WiFi, GPRS, EDGE, Java, GPS and state of the art accessories.

The replica on the other hand is priced at $117 without WiFi, and at $129 with WiFi, clearly showing a disregard for the worldwide emphasis on value added services.

iPhone 4 Replica WiFi

Conclusively, the very fact that the copy is a fake, gives us a good pretext to simply toss it aside! If China was to issue its own Cell phone, it wouldn’t be met with any objection, but to use another company’s name as a cover for its own products is outrageous. In addition, Apple should take necessary steps to maintain its fame and reputation, and should warn the parasitic copiers to stop exploiting its globally trusted brand.

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