BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs iPhone 4

blackberry bold 9700 vs. iphone 4

With the iPhone 4 being the highest rated and best seller smartphone since its release there have been a lot of competitors in mobile world who have contended the iPhone 4. Although the iPhone may not be tip device these days, it certainly remains among the list of high end ones.

The BlackBerry bold on the other hand is also a device that has fared well with the consumer markete with not only more international coverage than all other iPhone models; it is also a high end and very professional smartphone. Although not any would agree as to which one is better but these two handsets fit various user need and demands. Below is the comparison of the tow gadgets. Here goes for Bold 9700 vs. iPhone clash!

Camera: The bold is equipped with a 3.15MP shooter, with LED flash and sweet resolution better than other BBs. The iPhone 4 has upgraded from the previous 3Gs to 5 MP camera, LED flash and a better resolution. Its video recording capability is HD too.

Design: The Bold and the iPhone both have pretty smart and compatible designs. The back is industrially manufactured leather look alike. Long with everything lese it sports a full QWERTY keyboard. The iPhone is remarkably thin and is sheathed In gorilla glass (aluminosilicate) glass that is highly break resistant and finger smudge proof ass well.

The glass and touch screen is smooth and the weight is light yet solid.

Screen: BB Bold comes with a 2.44” screen which is the same size as many other bold series phones. But its resolution has been enhanced into 480 x 360 pixels. The iPhone however drops jaws all the way with its crisp retina display in 960×640p resolution. The display is also multi-touch and supports all-angle-viewing technology.

Other features: Bold navigation is done with an optical trackpad with settings that control sensitivity.  Simple and smart it is! IM, social networking, browser, networking, Office tool and other enterprise based utilities are vey advanced on the BB Bold even better than iPhone 4. But iPhone leaves BB’s app store, games and applications beat with its amazing collection of more than 275,000 apps available online.

The iPhone 4 also has horizontal orientation, gyro axis, accelerometer, multi tasking and a better battery life. The features on iOS 4 also excel more than those on BlackBerry OS 5

Memory: The iPhone 4 comes in-built with 16GB or 32GB internal storage models. The BB has only 256MB flash memory but through its MicroSD card slot that can be expanded up till 16GB. The RAM is also higher on iPhone 4.

Pricing: As with pricing iPhone 4 is retiled at $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB one. It is now available on AT&T and Verizon. The BlackBerry bold comes for $700 unlocked and without plan.

blackberry bold 9700 vs. iphone 4 specs

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