Rumors and News on AT&T’s New iPhone 5

New iPhone 5

Rumors have answered the questions of tech releases before. It may not have been the truth but it s good database and trend fodder. Same is the case with iPhone 5’s release to be scheduled this year. U.S. customers are most expectant of when does the iDevice. The iPhone 5 is to land this month in Juneor July the coming month but something tells me that there won’t be a new gen iPhone after all.

There might be some pressing issues that may cause the hindrance in the release of this gadget. The first may be the introduction, development or deign of the new concept. But there was also a more solid reason behind the delay. The suit case filed upon Apple by Samsung about its new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will put all developments on hold until verdict. The legal tussle between Apple  and Samsung was the claimed infringement of trademarks and patents each company accused the other one of. The handset might as well be as late as September or more if under these circumstances.

But more news about AT&T and its services tells us that it is providing upgrade packages from iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. Rate of upgrade to iPhone 5 for consumers is $499 to $549.

New iPhone 5 1

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