Smartphone Flagships Face-off – Samsung Galaxy VS Apple iPhone 4!

Apple-iPhone-4-vs-Samsung-i9000-Galaxy-SThe iPhone 4 has mostly emerged victorious again and again through many one-on-ones against the competitors of android fleet. Apple’s flagship sails off towards another dominant contender, one that seemingly has all the capabilities to trounce the champion: the Samsung Galaxy S also known as Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung is already turning heads as  one of the most powerful Android Smartphone available. The iPhone in return is the most used, rated, and popular.

Will the iPhone 4 see the end, the end of the battle with its record still high or will Samsung’s prize-fighter turn the tables against the mighty iPhone? Follow on! We should always start off with an overview at the specifications of both Smartphones. Here is the full chart of another epic Android vs. iPhone face-off!



Whoa! That sure is going to be one pretty tough match in here. The face-off is going to require some real tight maneuvering. Setting these aside, once again, we cannot declare a winner with such evenly matched contenders. What remains is for the competitors to prove what they have got right here in the arena.

For starters, we take Display.


The Samsung Galaxy sports, is a 4” capacious Super Amoled touch-screen in contrast to the iPhone’s 3.5” LCD Retina Display. But the display of the Galaxy has a 480 by 800 resolution, whereas the iPhone boasts a 640 by 960 resolution. Still usage and opinion tells us that the LCD is nothing in comparison to the Super Amoled. It doesn’t look like any one is getting the upper hand here.


Under weight and casing material, we find that the iPhone measures up at 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm, whilst the Galaxy has wider dimensions of 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm. Being smaller doesn’t make the iPhone lighter; in fact, it weighs heavier at 137 grams than Galaxy’s 118 grams. This is due to the fact that the iPhone is clothed in an aluminosilicate glass casing like that in trains and helicopters making it highly durable.

It tops that off with a scratch and smear resistant oleophobic coating as well as an all around stainless steel band that doubles up as the antennae. As for the Galaxy; sorry to say, it’s simply plastic! The iPhone as usual is better armored this time and has all the trappings of royalty.


For a camera, both have a 5MP shooter with HD video recording in 720p. However, the front-facing camera of the Galaxy is 1.3 megapixels, whereas, the iPhone’s is only VGA. iPhone also supports video-calling and FaceTime on Wi-Fi connection unlike Galaxy that does so on 3G as well. But the Galaxy isn’t all that good either as it has neither an LED-flash nor video calling support for front cam, which is a shame indeed.

Delving into the processor, the iPhone has the same marvelously performing 1GHZ A4 processor as that of the iPad and we know just how awesome was that. But the Galaxy also has a 1 GHZ Hummingbird processor that facilitates for great speeds extensive gaming support, internet browsing and video watching.


Looking in the OSs of both the phones, we have the Vibrant running on Android 2.1, with Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI combined. The iPhone 4 runs on the newly innovated iOS 4, which includes multitasking, changeable lock screen wallpapers, and an audio controller that enables background audio on any opened app.


Carrier services for the Galaxy are far more compatible and varying than the iPhone’s, with some carriers providing 4G-equivalent speeds, live TV and on-demand programming. Apart from this, different carriers have made their own modifications to the cell-phone. Let Verizon unleash the iPhone 5 and maybe then can the swiftly growing and increasingly popular Android market be held back. AT&T’s iPhone 4 however, sticks to its plans and rates and strict Apple market for iDevice Apps.


For business benefits, the Galaxy’s open sourcing, high multimedia support and fast catching up app store is a major opportunity for some. There is also the free navigation, extendable memory, FM radio and wider app compatibility with various stores unlike the singular legitimate iPhone app store; iTunes. Topping it all off, Samsung’s Galaxy gets greater public vote for being cheaper than the iPhone.

But even the iPhone has its plus points. Such as an incomparable App collection with iPhone apps comparison with Androids apps make the iPhone Apps store more organized and higher in quality than many Android apps.


Alas! the iPhone has yet to learn that in the years to come at this present stage open sourced Android has understood demand and will be light years ahead of Apple.

But for the time being, it doesn’t seem to have a winner for both are too good to be losers. But it all depends on what people need and what suits them. None can say that the iPhone or the Galaxy suck more than each other. It is only that what more works for you and in this case, it the Galaxy that had the last say.


So, there you have it. Let us know what your opinions are about both the Smartphones through your valuable comments!

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