Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad will be 4G Enabled: Verizon

Verizon has announced on Wednesday that it expects this year to be for the launch of its next speedier. It will be the latest generation LTE enabled mobile wireless internet service in 38 cities across the US providing Highest-Speed access to 110 million users. This faster LTE technology would be immensely conductive to the now heavily-popular devices of our age. As never has been enabled so conveniently before; downloading, uploading, online video watching and heavy duty console gaming and connectivity-supported iDevice application access is now to be highly accessible on LTE supported connection.

With that in mind, Verizon is set to launch the renowned Apple iPad on the 28th of October under its very own data Plan throughout the nation in its brick-and-mortar stores. The iPad will be sold off with a MiFi bundle that enables high speed internet connectivity.

A simple 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad plus MiFi will be showcased for $630 and will be web-accessible nationwide on Wireless hotspots. The 16 GB WiFi iPad MiFi and 3G enabled as well is tagged at $730, the same as of iPad, but on 32 GB capacity prices off at $830. With the recent announcement of 4G wireless internet that will hopefully arrive along with the MiFi iPad bundle, Verizon looks to cover entire country by 2013 with 4G internet access.

Currently, all 3G-enabled phones run on low-power chipsets that are not only a drain on battery life, but are also on your wallet, unless WiFi is close at hand. Previously, iPhone depended on employing tethering or USB dongles onto higher power capability machines in order to conduct demanding operations that would otherwise suck up battery time. 4G mobile broadband is however, accessible through more efficient LTE power chips than through the smaller size, which can be equally efficient for tougher iPhone applications, system and functions. But, low-power chipsets suitable for Smart phones won’t be available until the mid of 2011.

By which time Verizon will unleash a suite of 4G wireless internet supportable Smart phones under its respective data plans? Here lies another billion dollar question, ‘will the iPhone be one of them?’ Verizon currently chooses not to answer that question, but in general opinion, the answer is definitely yes! The AT&T factor is nearly dying out and with Steve Jobs providing products through Verizon, the iPhone 5 will be a revolution in Smartphone pioneering.

Features for iPhone 5 are out on the web and the following lines are dedicated to them:

The iPhone 5 will be loaded with Verizon wireless internet giving a whole new meaning to owning it.

Apart from basic features of a bigger screen, better battery performance with more advanced utility and accessibility options, there’s a hint that iPhone 5 will be more compatible with out-of-country-users and for third party, which are into iPhone application development.

Public opinion is warm and expectant, although rumors are already out that it is a fake project. But, there are more AT&T customers out on this carrier. Verizon still has many surprises to unlock, as whatever is going, means to say a lot with newer and maybe better plans, 4G enabled connectivity with a whiff of legendary iPhone upgraded!

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