Wal-Mart sells discounted Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

Wal-Mart received the fourth installment of the Apple iPhone 4 sometime last year. But this year it announced that that particular handset is going to retail at a price lower than it was before. The iPhone 4 is a high-end smartphone in the market and is going to retail at $147 instead of the previous $197. This move could be equally beneficial for Wal-Mart sales and for the upcoming 5th gen iPhone.

The iPhone 4 16GB will be offered on both AT&T and Verizon networks in white and black colors. The offer is open until the 30th of June. The purchase can only be done in its specialty or online store with the customer needing to enter a 2-year contract for the purpose.

There were about 1.5 million pieces sold out after launch on Wal-Mart. Verizon’s iPhone is predicted to sell up to 9-13 million devices by the culmination of 2011.

This could have been a test run with the retailer testing the waters of the consumer market after discounts have been introduced.

The announcement was made within hours of the start of the WWDC event that saw the launch of Mac OS X aka Lion, iOS 5 and its iCloud virtual drive service.

Wal-Mart’s timing capitalizes at a moment when the words “Apple” and “iPhone” were on the mouths of both casual and rabid technology fans. Apple stories and announcements at WWDC flooded social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter, and even grabbed front-page space in major newspapers, including the New York Times’ business section.

Clips of Jobs’ keynote speech even ran on nightly news broadcasts.

With Android owning nearly 50% of world market share it is Apple’s biggest competitor. Apple does not have much of an option and will have to hone in on the low-end market in order to ensure it is not left behind The Wal-Mart budget offer is hence a smart move that. The retailer also offers the iPhone 3GS for $50 on AT&T subsidized in a two-year contract.

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